Flamingo Swim Short

Flamingo Swim Short

Our Runner Up group have print issues only. They are fully functional, the prints did not meet our standards.

Print issue examples are:

  • black or white spec,
  • blurred flamingo
  • faded coloured flamingo (just one flamingo here or there, not all).

At first glance you do not see issues unless you are looking for them like we are (we inspect every pair).


Our custom print swim shorts are made with a quick drying soft peach polyester fabric. With two front pockets and one square Velcro pocket on the back with our rubber logo patch, these shorts are as cute as they get. The elastic band is accompanied with a functioning drawstring so you can secure the shorts for those tiny waists. The shorts come with a mesh polyester lining insert. 

The style is between a Euro short and a board short with a mid thigh length. High fashion style that is comfortable and fun.

The shorts fit true to age. If your child is fitting in apparel that is above their age range you can go up in size to allow longer wear as they grow. If you are looking for that mid thigh length we recommend sticking to their age range for the shorts. Example age 2 can wear the 1-2 year size for the current year or can wear 3-4 year size to last this summer season and the next.

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