About Us

Hi, my name is Rayvawn and I am a single mom to a beautiful boy, Leo and girl, Myla. I started BLVD baby Inc. when Leo was a couple months old. I am building my dream one day at a time, it's so amazing to see my designs and ideas come to life. I am so proud of this company and overjoyed to see it grow with Leo. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support! I hope you enjoy reading a little about BLVD baby Inc. :)

BLVD baby Inc was created by a first time mom with a passion for fashion. Having a trendy baby was part of the fun in becoming a new mom. The difficulty is to find high fashion items for infants and babies that are safe, trendy and that actually fit. 

We are a Canadian company trying our best to have Canadian made merchandise. Our fitted baseball hats had to be manufactured overseas due to the rare sizes, but all of our merchandise that is currently available is handmade in Canada (London, ON).

BLVD baby began with custom rare size fitted baseball hats and we've expanded our line of fashion accessories, created using eco friendly and organic materials. In the near future the line will include clothing, hats in all sizes and real leather suspenders.

We've recently celebrated our first birthday for BLVD baby Inc and we are so excited to share our passion for fashion with you. Thank you for stopping by our shop, we can't wait to see you all wearing BLVD baby Inc. gear.

Any support you need feel free to contact us at contact@blvdbaby.com